This is the state of things. Debt is at an all time high, we have out-of-control government spending, record unemployment, and run-away, job-killing federal regulations. The government is now involved in most aspects of our lives. In the history of our great nation, it has rarely been this way before. And it is up to us to take back our country. We can and we will. Here’s how.

We didn’t get here over night but every election from here on in counts. WE VOTE. Taking a pass on an election to seat a Democrat is rarely in the best interest of the country.

The media gives the democrats a 10% edge in each election. WE INFORM. The chief means of neutralizing them is the Internet and direct marketing. We address areas we shy from now! The press and liberals have so effectively marginalized conservatives as “racists” and “extremist” many independents, conservative Democrats, minorities and female voters will not consider Republican candidates. These stereotypes are designed to intimidate, stop a free exchange of ideas and marginal the natural right of center strength that is at our country’s core. They are what defines conservatives, and your friends and people in your sphere of influence need to know that.

Combating this stereotype will open the floodgates and broaden our base. WE REBUILD. 2012 is not the end but the beginning of rebuilding our country. The path to doing so is proselytizing conservatism and capitalism via social media and by supporting candidates who pledge to support the American Objectives 3Rs: reset, reconfirm, and reestablish.

Finally, we need to take a measure of responsibility for the shape our country is in. Rather than fight at all levels of the culture war, we’ve raised our families and gone to work and left government to socialists. We’ve allowed them to marginalize our views. Now is the time to defend ourselves, capitalism and conservatism. This is a great commission, to be the salt of the the earth. We must vote. We must support candidates committed to lowering our debt and eliminating ludicrous regulations and who are committed to life. At American Objective we will use our donations to support candidates committed to these values and spread the truth about conservatism and free markets.

So what’s the first thing you can do? Start by liking us on Facebook. Click on the little Like button in the right hand column. The other thing you can do is share this page on Facebook using the Share button. Also please copy and paste the following to your friends and followers on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

“Our country is out of money, we’re so out of money that borrowing cheap money is getting harder to do, at some point interest payments on our debt will crowd out funds for defense, Medicare, and other government services. We’ve gotten here in large part because conservatives have taken a pass on popular culture, education and journalism. We’re simply not represented in these fields. Consequently we’re going to have to run the table on the next 3 or 4 elections to have a chance to fix things. No more sitting out elections, even if you hate our nominee, there’s just too much at stake and liberals cannot be trusted. We don’t just need to win back the White House in 2012, we have to win a string of elections starting in 2012, then 2014, and 2016 at a minimum to have a chance to pass along our country to our children.

So please do the following:
1. Vote for conservative candidates
2. Financially support conservatives and conservative causes
3. Encourage your kids to be teachers and reporters
4. Share what you know with your friends. Send them emails of how you plan to vote and why before elections.”