Reset: As concerned citizens, we must RESET the priorities of our nation and its governing bodies. The relationship between the states and the Federal government must be returned to one of states having the control of spending of their money. Where local control of the tax money is given to those with local knowledge of where it needs to be spent.

Reconfirm: As concerned citizens, we must RECONFIRM who we are in the world. We must commit to having allies that believe in the rule of law, transparency in government, due process, freedom of press and an independent judiciary. We must seek to be allies with those who possess these attributes and help other countries like minded countries develop similar institutions.

Reestablish: As concerned citizens, we must REESTABLISH state authority on matters that involve the state and establish our own rules and regulations regarding such things as our environment. We must no longer allow the federal government to overstep its bounds, costing us millions and millions in fines and regulations that don’t make sense for individual states.