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  • The Problem with Liberal Economists

    The Problem with Liberal Economists

    Today’s Wall Street Op-ed from noted MIT and Nobel laureate Peter Diamond and UC Berkeley economics professor Emmanuel Saez, sums up nicely what is wrong with liberal economics. OK, it’s a long-ish article on marginal […]

  • What You Can Do

    What You Can Do

    This is the state of things. Debt is at an all time high, we have out-of-control government spending, record unemployment, and run-away, job-killing federal regulations. The government is now involved in most aspects of our […]

  • The American Objective

    The American Objective

    Reset: As concerned citizens, we must RESET the priorities of our nation and its governing bodies. The relationship between the states and the Federal government must be returned to one of states having the control […]


Copy & Paste this message into your Facebook status update

Our country is out of money, we’re so out of money that borrowing cheap money is getting harder to do, at some point interest payments on our debt will crowd out funds for defense, Medicare, and other government services. We’ve gotten here in large part because conservatives have taken a pass on popular culture, education and journalism. We’re simply not represented in these fields. Consequently we’re going to have to run the table on the next 3 or 4 elections to have a chance to fix things. No more sitting out elections, even if you hate our nominee, there’s just too much at stake and liberals cannot be trusted. We don’t just need to win back the White House in 2012, we have to win a string of elections starting in 2012, then 2014, and 2016 at a minimum to have a chance to pass along our country to our children.

So please do the following:
1. Vote for conservative candidates
2. Financially support conservatives and conservative causes
3. Encourage your kids to be teachers and reporters
4. Share what you know with your friends. Send them emails of how you plan to vote and why before elections.